Wednesday, November 2, 2011 be two again

Just a random post about my wonderful little terror, who seems to think she runs the place. Let me list some of the reasons I love this child
She makes me thankful that I have cupboards to keep my containers in.

She teaches me that smiling makes everything better

That two is better than one or ummm, lets see.... or six like the number of suckers I found unwrapped, licked, and discarded all over the house.

Thank You, Penny, for driving me crazy so I could enjoy the sweetness that you bring everyday!

Happy 6 years!

Happy Birthday my Lily ladybug. She picked Famous Dave's for lunch and got this big bowl of ice cream.

Penny also likes ice cream!

Kate too!

Birthday breakfast. Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes and sausage in the shape of an "L"

Her sisters gave her a kitty cat helmet!

to go with her new bike!!!

it's a ladybug if you were wondering. Kinda sloppy

She loved it! 6 years have been good to this fun and wonderful kid!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

11 years and I finally got a real honeymoon

So I married this wonderful man, and we didn't have much money or time so our "honeymoon" was spent in Vegas for a couple of days, two weeks after we got married. As it turned out I was also pregnant, 20, and tired. Vegas wasn't much fun. Move ahead 11 years, four children, graduate from college, and big move to Arizona and we are going to Disney World! Actually Ben had a conference for his work there and I must have learned from my mom to take advantage of someone else paying the bill. ( Our family vacations consisted of going around with my dad while he worked, we played).

Epcot was by far our favorite. They were having their annual culinary festival and lots of good food. Since I might never get to England I had to take a picture here.

I was still using these in college.

That massive tree at Animal Kingdom had carving all over it. This one was my favorite.

How many animals can you find?
A week later, we survived and were to go home to happy children and are ready for another 11 years.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Summer Times

Catching up on the time I have missed. I found these pictures from a community activity. They have International Peace Day where they have a parade, and activities, and paint murals. There are quite a bit of artists around and they always want to do things to include children so they had a day where families could come and help paint these boards to hang around the plaza. IT was like a 110 outside, but I guess after a few years you don't notice it anymore. We had a blast.
I added this one on accident, but it was really cute so I left it in.

Their masterpiece!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


So it has only been 5 months but I figured I would try again. Hopefully this way stay my Sunday activity until I have caught up. Christmas was great. We stayed home and the big hit was the doll house. I even got cards out this year. If you keep up with facebook then you have seen those pictures. This last year was full of fun times and moments when I felt I would collapse under the stress and anxiety of everything. Good thing I love to laugh and had lots of hugs from wonderful little girls. The trip with Ben to Disney world was a breath of fresh air and I found I still like him. Here's to 2011 and another year for living and growing.

Thanks for the jammies Grandma Vicki

Saturday, July 10, 2010

good times...goood times

Daphne loved Mesa Falls
All my little chicks

Rexburg Splash Park


Isaiah and Penelope

with that shirt on..we had to take this pic

We have been having a blast visiting family this summer. I have pictures from Colorado but I can't seem to get the computer to read the card so I have borrowed some pictures from Wendi's camera and have some pictures from out time in Idaho.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's about time!

Just the last few days she has decided that she wants to walk. She also climbs anything low enough to get on. We also learned not to leave little chairs by the couch. Yesterday we found her on the couch with the Wii remote waving it in the air.