Sunday, January 23, 2011

11 years and I finally got a real honeymoon

So I married this wonderful man, and we didn't have much money or time so our "honeymoon" was spent in Vegas for a couple of days, two weeks after we got married. As it turned out I was also pregnant, 20, and tired. Vegas wasn't much fun. Move ahead 11 years, four children, graduate from college, and big move to Arizona and we are going to Disney World! Actually Ben had a conference for his work there and I must have learned from my mom to take advantage of someone else paying the bill. ( Our family vacations consisted of going around with my dad while he worked, we played).

Epcot was by far our favorite. They were having their annual culinary festival and lots of good food. Since I might never get to England I had to take a picture here.

I was still using these in college.

That massive tree at Animal Kingdom had carving all over it. This one was my favorite.

How many animals can you find?
A week later, we survived and were to go home to happy children and are ready for another 11 years.

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nephi and katherine said...

dayna, it was so good to see you and the girls last week.i love all your pictures, glad you are having fun ! you look & sound like a great mom! thanks for the old memories! take care. would love to see you again sometime. Hi Ben.