Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet the new addition!

I think pregnancy does crazy things to your mind and you have these moments when something seems like a wonderful idea and later you usually are freaking out cause you realize how much more it is going to cost in time, money, and fighting. Well meet Missy ( that is her name for the time being, this is the third name they came up with). She is a Russian Dwarf Hamster. My Katie Roo love anything fuzzy so for her birthday we are testing the waters with a pet. Daphne has been very generous to offer her time and room for the hamster. Usually it is us telling her that it is Kate's hamster and to let her take care of it more. Daphne is now going to earn money for her own. Ben suggested Daphne get a boy hamster then we would have plenty, but he also suggested a snake in addition and then we would have food for it. ( I don't think the girls appreciated his humor). Tonight we are having a party at the park with friends so we will have more pictures tomorrow. The cutest thing is when Lily holds her and squeals cause it tickles her hand.


Bek said...

How Cute! I love her beaming face. Ellie is going to die of Jealuosy when she sees it. She keeps asking "do you think Kate has her hamster yet?"

Kristin said...

Pregnancy does mess with your mind. When I was 7 months along with Brayke I decided to get a puppy. Crazy. Your girls look like they love him/her. I like Ben's idea. LOL

Bek said...

Are you sure that isn't just a mouse? It looks like the ones that the cats leave on the porch here.