Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Penelope and the Doctor

Since having Penelope I have begun to enjoy my late nights but I decided the scenery was getting a bit old so Friday night Penelope decided to switch things up and we spent our late night at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We also invited dad to go with us. Now Penelope is a healthy little girl who eats well, isn't too fussy and does her business properly but Friday she had a little blood in her diaper so we thought it best to go up and just make sure everything was OK since we live so far away. After spending a long evening and early morning in the ER we know that she is healthy and the blood isn't from me and there wasn't any indication of her having a fissure ( or tear) in her bowel. Her blood work came back fine also. She isn't in any discomfort so we are just in the wait and see mode. She has her one month appointment on Monday so hopefully whatever it is passes or we will probably go to a GI specialist in Phoenix for more tests.
They look so small in the hospital beds
I also learned that The Waffle House has pretty good waffles and that they taste even better at
3 AM


Bek said...

Don't you hate all the cords and wires? I'm glad everything looked fine I was up worrying about her. Wish I'd had waffles at 3AM.

Jackson 3 said...

Oh poor thing!! {all of you} That's kinda scary. I hope all goes well!

Scott and Candice Moore said...

Glad to hear she is okay! She looks so tiny in that big bed.

Kristin said...

I am glad she's okay. I heard you had taken her in. She's way to little to be taking her in to the hospital. It's always a lot scarier when they are tiny.