Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the season to be jolly?

So we made our 2ND annual Christmas shopping trip to the Valley of the Sun. It was a beautiful day in the 70's. I didn't have my camera so these are pictures I took with my phone. Not the best, but I am not complaining. The lights are always beautiful at The Mesa Temple and the girls love running like crazy and almost knocking over small children and those a little bit wobbly on their feet.

Lily refused to be in a picture ( her new thing now) I had one with me and the girls but it was so blurry I left it out. It was funny because I was holding Lily by the back of her coat as she tried to run away. The pictures are dark because my phone does not have a flash. (it's the thought that counts..right?)
Ben so graciously took the older girls to The Princess and the Frog while I did some last minute shopping child-free. After the long hour in WalMart Penny and I hung out in the car.

She really love the seat belt. I don't know why they say kids love bright colors because this one wants anything that is black or gray. Mostly if mom pulls it away she knows it must have tasted good or was fun to chew on.

I am sorry I kind of skipped all of November and I have lots of videos of Penny I need to stick on cause she doesn't seem to want to stop growing. I will try to work backwards for awhile until I felt that I have caught up. Between the girls getting sick and being sick this week, I have no energy for anything.


Wendi said...

I love Penny's big brown eyes. I really need to come visit.

me and you plus two said...

She looks so grown up in these! Of course she loves the color grey, I bet you have on a grey sweater right now! ;0)