Sunday, February 14, 2010


We have had a very nice Valentine's Day. It started when we received early Valentines from both grandmas. The girls enjoyed their socks and Lily decided that she needed to dress up like a fairy ballerina for her Tot's party.

Then late Friday night the FedEx guy shows up with these beautiful roses that one great husband/dad got for all his girls
Sunday morning I turned into super terrific mom and made pink heart shaped pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries. Kate is my only bright eyed bushy tailed one.

Finally I continued me super terrific momness by actually making their hair look pretty for church. Daphne insisted on having a flower in hers.
I really wanted a nice picture with all my girls with the beautiful flowers my husband gave us but....I settled for this. It was a great holiday.

P.S. My wonderful friend took Kate and Lily to a horseless rodeo on Saturday they won some ribbons in a few of the contest. For pictures of this go to my wonderfully friendly friend Dennis Moore Or mooreplease blog to see these cute pics!

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MOM said...

What do you mean, you settled? That is a nice picture, you all look beautiful and happy. Did Penny enjoy the flower she was zeroing in on?