Saturday, March 13, 2010


One of my favorite childhood memories was helping to build a city out of mud in the backyard. My oldest brother started it and we came along and tried to help. We probably messed more up by helping but I thought it was the best thing ever created.
We have this lovely Palo Verde tree in the back corner of our house(Palo Verde are those green trees with lots of thorns and they blossom beautiful yellow flowers that make me sneeze) and since I have been in the back raking and cleaning to make a compost pile, my girls are out more and have taken over this back corner where the Palo Verde branches make a nice little secluded spot. They have cleaned up all the weeds and dead branches and created a playhouse. When I asked them what they were doing they told me they were making roxaboxen. If you aren't familiar with that book then go check it out at the library. For the past few days they walk in from school and walk straight out the back and I call them in to dinner. Isn't that how it is supposed to be?
Best thing I ever did was get rid of TV and get the girls bikes and gardening tools. I guess moving some where warm year around helps. I will have to post pictures but I needed to write it down so I would remember. Daphne and her friend are the original creators of this place but they did try to charge Kate money to come in. I found out because Kate was walking outside with two dollars and I asked what was going on. Daphne was told if she started charging an entrance fee then her dad was going to charge her rent. My poor Penny watches all this through the screen. It is so cute.
Today they had the annual Ajo Shindig at the park and they do a coyote call contest. I took Lily over to watch and asked if she wanted to do it and she actually said yes went up and did her best impression of a coyote into the microphone. It was adorable. She didn't win but received a little purple ceramic coyote that she will never put down again.


Chelsea said...

I love that book, its good they have an awesome aunt that got it for them!

Wendi said...

Like father like daughter. Ben was always figuring out ways to make money from his siblings.

Bek said...

Oh I can't wait to hear Lily's coyote call.

NOVA said...

Ahh. The city of mud. I miss that and electrocuting myself while messing around over there.

MOM said...

Like father, like daughter. I thought Wendi was going to bring up the mud city, or farm, or construction site or whatever it was that Ben and the rest of the kids spent hours and days on in the field behind the blue house. And before that there was me and my friends in the dirt at the schoolyard building houses. But, when I was alone up Antelope Canyon I scraped out farms in the dirt with grass for haystacks, and I drove a pickup truck. Funny thing is I don't remember any kid actually playing in their constructs, the fun seems to be in the building of them. By the way, did you know Roxaboxen comes in a Spanish Language version also? Fun way to practice Spanish.