Monday, November 3, 2008


So this year I decided I wasn't paying 15 dollars per outfit and that wew were just going to make due with what we have. I did buy a 5 dollar Hanna Montana wig for Daphne, but unfortunetly she took off early to do makeup and nails with friends and I didn't get a picture of her. By the time she got home she looked like Hanna strung out on drugs. So I convinced Kate and Lily that ballerinas were great and I had the stuff. It also helped that Kate's friend Lauren was also going to be a ballerina. I just told Daphne to talk it up so they wouldn't change their minds.

This is our scary monster LILIZILLA. Kate gave her a cupcake with black frosting. I think she resembles her grandpa Harden a bit. I love this picture.

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Scott and Candice Moore said...

Hey Love the last picture! That is one for the wedding video! Your girls were super cute. I just love kate she always gives me lots of hugs when ever she sees me!