Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are all enlisted til the conflict is over

As most of you are aware I live in Az, but originate from Ca. I still have a lot of family there and was kept up to speed with Prop 8. Arizona decided to pass their own amendment before the judges overturned the existing law. Sadly we haven't received the same backlash that Ca has. My sister lives just a stones throw from the LA Temple. She went down to where they were protesting and took these pictures.

Ben as been telling me about the the bad things that are being said about the church and while it is sad to see one group that makes up a very small percentage of the voters being singled out and picked on. It also is a testimony builder to see that Satan is out there and contorting everything pure and sacred so that it no long is to main stream. Well that is it for me. Just felt like blogging about it. It just reminds me to do those simple but important things everyday to keep myself and my family safe.

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Jackson 3 said...

It really does. If they only knew that their behavior and actions will only pull us together!! I don't understand why our religion has to be singled out either. If it were supported by any other religion, it wouldn't be an issue. We will always have to endure the prosecution. It's just a reminder to us how evil the world is getting & How close it is coming in these last days.