Friday, December 26, 2008

It's over?

I didn't think my kids were old enough for the early morning Christmas, before 5 am is not good. Gone are the good old days of me being so exited that I wake them up, but no this year Ben telling them to go back until after 6. They had fun and everything was greatly appreciated. Ben loved his Guitar Hero and played half the morning.

Daphne loved her MP3 player

Since we had such an early morning and lots of candy the inevitable passing out on the floor happened. Of course I'd rather have this reaction than the crying and fitting throwing from tiredness reaction that the other one had. The day was lovely and I really enjoyed just having our family here.


Bek said...

At our house the girls would have probably slept till 8:00, but Juliette had turned the volume up to the max on the stereo in Shelby's room and the alarm had been turned on. It went off at 6:00 and was so loud it scared me half to death clear across the house. The worst part was Bill's parents happened to be sleeping in Shelby's room. We are lucky they didn't have heart attacks.

Lisa said...

Your girls are SO fun I bet it was a lovely christmas at home.

Bek said...

Jett has that same shirt Lily is sleeping in.