Friday, December 12, 2008

Lily's Party

Lily went to her first party by herself. It was her friend Jillian's 3rd birthday. She loved decorating her cookies except icing them. Her icing job was not meeting her level of excellence so I was told to do it. After that she painstakingly places each flavor of chip on top then proceeded to dump skittles and sprinkles over the rest. Every child there seemed to be sampling the various icing by sucking on the same knives, but luckily we avoided any major sickness. After returning home she ate half the sprinkles, picked off random chocolate chips then kindly shared the remains with her sisters. If Ben had seen all this I think he might have been sick. I found it all funny and glad I could witness all of it.


Bek said...

I bet Ben was thoroughly disgusted when he found out. That is so funny. I am jealous of you lack of snow.

Lisa said...

she probably came home sweeter! What a fun party for 3 year olds