Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do I Need to Repeat Myself?

Didn't I just have this discussion? Like yesterday? Well I guess I wasn't clear. Today the girls stayed home with the sniffles, but of course within a few hours they are feeling great. Actually the day has been going pretty smooth and after a nice lunch I dosed off on the couch. ( first time I have done that) Well Kate and Lily come running out of the room and they had decorated each other with a green permanent marker. They also made sure to give each other a pedicure.

We did have a casualty...Daphne's Hannah Montana sheets



Bek said...

I find myself repeating the same stuff day in and day out, very frustrating and then I realized that is why we get them for 18 years. Hopefully in that amount of time a little bit of all I say will sink in.

Bek said...

You misunderstood my comment. I said hopefully a little bit of it will sink in. Some battles are destined to be losing battles. I am thinking of writing everything I say again and again on flash cards and every morning we do a quick 5 minute review..."We don't pick our nose, We don't eat off the floor, We don't color on anything but paper, Bath water is gross and will make me sick, We wear clothes, if we don't eat your meat how can we have any pudding." It seems to work with math and high frequency words so why not willful disobedience. "Mommy leave us kids alone"

Jared and Erin said...

They did a pretty good job with the pedicure thing. Give them a high five for me. :) I'll have to post some similar pictures of Parker from this past week.

Bek said...

Are Kate and Lily turning into frogs? OH NO!