Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th- great day

Today I planned on going to Phoenix and go to lunch and a movie with my friend Tricia. Her husband was going to stay with her kids but called into work in the early morning. so we decided to make the most of the day and took our little ones with us and at least have lunch. Well she has three who did well on the way and my one (Lily) screamed until Maricopa (about 70 mins from home).
We decided to stop and get a few things to help entertain and when I came out of the store Lily puked. It wasn't much and we just figured that it was car sickness from the curvy road we were on. So we cleaned her up and kept going. Now I have learned that the first puke was just beginning, because not ten minutes later, her whole hash brown, lemonade, and oatmeal was everywhere. On the plus side she was much more chipper afterwards.
Next stop was target where I spent a good fifteen minutes and half of Tricia's wipes cleaning her and her car seat up. Luckily I had brought extra underwear and another skirt but no shirt ( we are potty training). She refused to wear Evan shirt because it was a boy's shirt so we entered Target with no shirt and jacket buttoned all the way up.
The rest of the day went better except for the constant fear of another session of spew. Also finding a table near the edge of the food court and collecting four high chairs while each holding a child and bag and making sure the other two child are still near by should be an Olympic sport. We were rewarded for our efforts by having about a half hour in the car with all four napping.
I know I am not alone in these experiences, but it's always nice to read others and commiserate with our fellow mothers. I blame Friday the 13Th. It's the only sensible answer.


Bek said...

Yes Friday the 13th that's it, because it's not like your kids puke very often. It's like once in a blue moon or something. Just get all those pukes out before March.

Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

dang girl what an ordeal :) but its all worth it in the long run to spend time out of Ajo :)Last time brekke pucked it was everywhere in the truck luckly we were on our way home from Tucson so I just let her ride in her diaper :)

Jackson 3 said...

OH my gosh! Sounds like an awesome day for you. I'm glad I stayed in doors on friday the 13th!!!

Ben and Theresa Willis said...

I'm so sorry for you guys! That makes for a long, stinky ride. I hate spew in a car seat! We get to deal with that almost everytime we go to Mesa! (Charlie)

By the way, are you going to change the name of your blog to Blackburn6 when your baby is born? Because I was going to use that one, but I didn't want to steal it if you were going to use it. Hee hee!