Saturday, August 15, 2009


We have been back for almost a week from our trip to Idaho. It was great visiting with old friends and anyone we didn't get around to seeing we'll have to next time. We were lucky enough to have both families up there for the blessing of Penelope and also her cousin Isaiah. I have lots of pictures that other people have taken and hopefully I can post them in the next couple of days. I did finally get a updates family photo though I tried to hide as best I could behind my children. The weather was great and I missed it the second I stepped off the plane.
Daphne celebrated her 9th birthday today and we let her choose a restaurant to eat at. Luckily I convinced her that Famous Dave's was better than Chik fil A. Her present from us was a pair of Converse All Stars ( you can tell she is growing up) They are awesome and I would actually wear them. I left my camera in Idaho so I will post more pictures soon. We had a great day all crammed in our Lumina and probably won't do another family trip for a while.

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