Monday, August 17, 2009

School Time!

My cute and adorable school girls! I was so excited for school to start this year. The summer flew. My friend Trish loaned me her camera so I got these so I could post them. Kate actually told me she wanted to walk to her class by herself. Such a change from last year when I had to sneak out a half hour after school started. They grow up so fast. They both put their own outfits together.


me and you plus two said...

I can't believe daphne looks so much like a little pre-teen! Wheres the little girl I met two and half years ago? Have I mentioned though that I think Kate should repeat I can be selfish and have her with my lauren?!

Bek said...

Oh yeah! your camera. I'll mail that when I go get my dry cleaning.

Jennifer said...

They are beautful girls, but have to admit I laughed a bit because I remember dressing like that when I went to school.