Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Isn't she the cutest seven year old you have ever seen? Well she is. And look at that beautiful cake that their dad told them it was decorated with playdough so Kate started to pull them off. My first attempt at fondant. It wasn't terribly hard to make, just tiring. It was a little too sweet but it looked cute for my first attempt.

For her birthday Ben took Kate and her friend Lauren to the Phoenix Zoo. They had a great time.

Kate got on the camel and quickly got off. Lauren was a natural. Must be from riding horses.

They came back sun kissed ( of course not burned because of course sun screen was remembered) and tired. They had a great time and even got to eat at Chili's. I stayed home with poor little sick Lily and Daphne got to go ice skating for the first time with her friend Seliah. She took lots of pictures but then accidentally erased them. She was bummed about that. I remember the thinking I couldn't love another kid after having one, because I had a whole lotta love for Daphne. Then they placed that Kate Rose in my arms and I realized it wasn't the same love, it was a completely different love for my second child. Good natured, quiet, and loving are the 3 perfect words for my Katie Roo.


Wendi said...

We all love your Katie Roo. She is so sweet.

Bek said...

Love that little Roo. You summed her up perfectly. A trip to the Zoo what a perfect birthday for her.

MOM said...

Dayna, I am very impressed with your fondant cake!!! And I love the zoo pictures, all or them but especially the one with the giraffe. I need that one and those of your first two loves in the black dresses, don't remember ever seeing those before and they are beautiful.

Brian and Emily said...

Dana, those pictures take me back a few years. It is wonderful to catch up with you through the blogging world and to see your kids, they are changing so much. Childhood is so fleeting, I miss those days on Diamond Circle.. .... those were good times! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.