Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea Parties and Spring Concerts

Kate had her annual Girl Scout Tea Party. She and her fellow girl scouts made a lovely spread of PBJ and quesadillas with fruit and veggies on the side. They were able to invite two guests; mom and teddy bear. It was lots of fun and we even ate the food that had been touched by lots of little hands and survived.

They learned about different types of painting over this last month. So during the party we could meander around and view their art. Kate received 2ND place for her water color.
Last night was the Spring Concert. Kate's class sang "It's a Small World After All". Daphne sang "I've Got No Strings". Daphne also performed 3 song with the 4Th grade band. Here is Kate and Lauren after they finished . We loved their expressions so much us moms tried to imitate it.

I don't think it turned out as cute.

Since we don't get dolled up too much I need a picture of my cute little performers.


me and you plus two said...

AWESOME! Lauren and Kate don't fall to far from the tree do they?! :)
I do think I may need therepy from eating finger food though...;)haha

Bek said...

I think your impression was right on.

Wendi said...

Daphne and Kate look so pretty in their dresses. Their hair is getting so long.

MOM said...

Oh, that tea party/art show sounds fun, fun, fun! I would like to see that art up even closer, looked pretty good, must have been to win second prize. I liked the smile that went with that second prize piture too. The mother and daughter pictures were a surprise, you two older cuties really didn't have to try too hard to look like those two little ones did you. Funny how we don't realize how much two people resemble each other until we see them like that. Sun.