Sunday, October 18, 2009

As long as they are outta my hair!

I guess since I really didn't have any idea that they had taken so many pictures and since it doesn't really matter when it's on a digital camera aannddd they weren't in my hair and I was getting stuff done these are great pictures!!!

Very artistic!

Ode to a fish!

I love those blue eyes

This one is interesting because her head is so close to the ceiling and they aren't supposed to be standing on this part of their bed. Their pictures turn out so much more candid then the ones I attempt to take. They are just having fun and aren't looking for a certain kind of shot. There were about 50 more pictures but you have to throw out the really blurred, pictures of soap, messy room or house, she had like 5 of her feet, and ones of nothing. They brightened my day when I discovered them! (but I won't tell them that.)


Wendi said...

Silly girls.

MOM said...

Cute pics. Very creative. That is the first I have seen of the purple room. I also want to see the blue room.

MOM said...

By the way MOM didn't say that, not only does Becky post on my facebook but on your blog in my name. What are the crimial or pyschological implications of that?

I do think the pics are creative and love their personality coming through.