Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthdayweeen Lily!!!

Those are Lily eyes

Kate is yelling at Lily. I love the eyes

My silly birthday girl!

I added these first bunch to my original post below.

on this night 4 years ago I sat on my rump and handing out candy. Later that evening I went to the hospital and gave birth the next morning. It was in the 80's today, but the wind and bees were a challenge.

I was only up til 2 am

We played monster eyeball on a spoon relay and make a mummy. Lily and I made her friend Alena a wonderful little mummy.

Vampires and monster cupcakes

Mummy Alena!

Mummy Lauren!!!!

Then we played run after all the toilet paper before it blew away.

I got it lit just long enough for her to blow it out!


Wendi said...

Happy Birthday Lily. I miss that cute little girl. She gives the best hugs.

MOM said...

Happy Birthday Lily! What a fun looking party. Dayna you are the best, those were really cute cupcakes.