Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I love talking nonsense

As you know I blog for family (as I am sure we all do) So I just post a video from time to time. THis one is a blabbermouth but I love her. Must have a little of her aunt( I am not naming names) in her.


Wendi said...

Oh, this makes me miss your girls too much.

MOM said...

She talks! I hope you listen to every word and take her seriously, she seemed to be telling you a thing or two at one point.
Wendi told me not to watch it, I would miss her too much but I did anyway, and I miss her too much.

Bek said...

Oh I love her. I agree that Aunt Wendi is always blabbering, Chelsea to for that matter, oh and Krista, hmmm or could it be Darbi? The list goes on and on. Bad examples all the way around. She needs to spend some more time with me to learn some refinement and restraint. Maybe I'll call you this week if I can think of anything/anyone to talk about.